Big Convenience for Companies of Any Size

Millennium Bank understands the challenges and opportunities faced by start-up and emerging businesses. We offer comprehensive banking services committed to the success of your small or commercial business.


Millennium Small Business

Minimum Balance to Open: $1,500.00

Maintenance Fee: $10.00 (if balance falls below $1,500.00)

100 Transactions: Free

Over 100 Transactions: $0.25 per transaction


Millennium Commercial NOW Account

Allowed for Sole Proprietorship and Not for Profit Organizations.

Minimum balance to open: $1,000.00

Minimum Balance to earn interest:* $1,000.00

No interest earned on days balance falls below minimum balance of $1,000.00.

Monthly Maintenance Fee:* $10.00

If balance falls below the minimum balance of $1,000.00 or the average balance of $1,500.00 any time during the statement cycle.

30 Transactions: Free

Over 30 Transactions: $0.25 per item

*Special holds placed on accounts may affect interest earned


Millennium Commercial Account

Maintenance Fee: $20.00 per month

Deposits: $0.30 per deposit

Checks paid: $0.20 per check

Debits: $0.20 per debit

Deposited items: $0.15 per check

Wire Transfer fee: $20.00

Foreign Wire Incoming: $25.00

Foreign Wire Outgoing: $45.00

NSF Fee: $28.00

(Maximum charge per day $112.00)

Stop Payment Fee: $28.00

Returned Deposit items: $7.50

Earnings credit: An earnings credit is calculated on the average collected balance during the month and may offset your monthly services charges.