Internet Banking and Online Bill-Pay

With some help from the internet, you will have full access to your accounts in a completely secure environment. At home or office, you will be able to do everything from reviewing your balances to transferring funds, to reviewing your account statements.

Security is extremely important when it comes to your financial matters. Complete privacy, controlled through encryption and passwords, insures only authorized access to your account.

Millennium Sign Up

It’s easy to sign-up*. Just go to the top this page and click on On-Line Account Sign-up, or click here, to print the application. After it has been completed send it to:

By Mail

Millennium Bank
2077 Miner Street
Des Plaines IL 60016-4718

By Fax

(847) 296-9501

*You must come into our branch to establish your accounts before your On-Line Banking or On-Line Bill-Pay application is approved.

Millennium Tips for Online Security

1) Choose your password carefully and never reveal it to anyone.

2) Never leave your computer unattended with your account on the screen.

3) Always log off properly after you have completed your online business

4) Don’t reply to any e-mail that requests your personal information.

5) Consider installing virus detection software to safeguard against known computer viruses that could corrupt information on your computer.